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Facebook event

Facebook a pop-up which is being created to educate people on Facebook privacy and security. We have supplied top brand ambassadors that represented Facebook team on the site.

Microsoft tech summit

We have supplied 19 brand ambassadors that assisted Microsoft at Tech summit. Main responsibilities were: registration, way-finding, service desk.

Mont Blanc event

Montblanc launches a new collection of very expensive pens and invited their most valuable customers to Norway. In order to make sure that their customers have a great stay in Norway they needed the assistance of our staff. We supplied 15 our top hostesses that worked with Montblanc staff in different locations in Oslo: Grandhotel, Chitra house, Fram museum, Opera house, Holmenkollen. 

Mercedes event

Daimler has invited journalists from all around the world to test-drive event for their new EQ model. Our 15 BAs have worked during 2 weeks and assisted journalists at 5 different locations in Oslo.

GOOGLE "cloud on board" conference

We supplied 14 brand ambassadors for Google conference ”Cloud on Board”, it was a technical introduction to the Google Cloud Platform. Our staff were responsible for registration, crowd movement, seating.